Mason (masonjar25) wrote,

Love? What is this thing you call "Love"?

Ok, lol

How are you all doing?? HAHA

I'm doing alright. I know it's been a LONG while since I've written in this thing but hey... that's life.

My life has had it's many UPS and DOWNS lately lol

I won't bore you all with the downs because well, I'm frickin' happy atm.

And that's a rare thing lol. I walk around all day with a stupid ass grin on my face... why??? Ok I know I would always tell myself that there's no such as love and well, I'm the first to admit it... there is a such thing as love because well... i'm in love LOL

I didn't realize it until like... oh, 30 minutes ago. Go me?? Sure!! Well, I might have known a little before hand but I might have been in denial LOL

It wasn't until like this morning when a friend here at work said "Wow, you've been in such a good mood lately..."

And that's very rare for me, especially here at work.

What's he like?? Well...he's nice and ummm, nice... lol. He has a good job which means I don't have to support his ass lol. He likes me for me...

His cats approve of me LOL and yes I must admit, my doggies approve of him too. They don't bark too viciously at him... well, anymore... haha AND OMG! His mother likes me!! LOL Even his brother was like "We don't approve of many of his friends but I must say, you passed our test, you're so nice and kind."

Me> *blushes*

Ok, i tried to blush LOL... i thought to myself, "Hmmm...they bought into my act..."

But don't worry, I'm not going to go around carving our initials into trees LOL nor am I going to get a tattoo of his name in a little heart... i'm crazy, not stupid haha
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