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Merry After XMAS!!!!

Finally!! omg, I thought I'd never make it through Xmas... it just seemed to drag on forever...

Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays... ok, not really love, but I 'like' them... I think I love New Years more... because it's the official time of year to get 'smashed'... that means drunk for those of you who don't understand...

But this year, I'm going to be playing it safe by staying at home... I've invited my b/f *giggles because it's just weird to say that* and we're going to have a private party... NOT like that!!! We're just going to have a few drinks and watch movies... Yes i'm getting old hehe... I don't wish to risk anything dangerous by going out to a club and such.. i don't want to deal with crowds... nor do I want to hang out with any of his friends... they're all losers hahaha... (well, they are..)

maybe we'll have some dragon fireworks? hehe
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