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Wedding Issues

Well, I just found out the person I was gonna ask to make the cake is not gonna be able to do anything because she's going out the country the month of my wedding...hmph!!

Oh well, tis ok. I did order my veil today so hopefully it'll go with my tiara.

My dress is gonna consist of a white t-shirt and jeans? sure! lol I think as soon as I have the location of the wedding and reception down, things should be able to go much smoother...

I bought this book today called "My First Wedding" and omg, I hate it! I can't really complain since I bought it a book store going out of business and only paid half price for it..but still, blech!! In it, it states that as soon as you're engaged, stop sleeping with your fiancee....and also to run a credit check on him and have him tested... lol, it sucks.

The only fun thing i'm gonna have fun with is getting the wedding music know the music they play before the ceremony and such... gonna make a couple of CDs this weekend lol...*includes the Cantina song* LOL, that would be funny...
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